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There are only two types of Christian:

Israelite Christian–of which there is a residue, not even a remnant!…

And non-Israelite Christian–who is not a party to the Covenants (may be part Israelite or not Israelitish at all) but worships the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“Zionist Christians” are NOT Christians at all and are those Jesus warns will find themselves cast out in Luke 13:23-28 even though you have taken Communion (v26)! THE VAST MAJORITY of those who self identify as Christians are ZIONIST CHRISTIANS who have been deceived by THE GREAT DELUSION of 2 Thess 2:11.

If you believe:

–The law has been done away with.

–In the Rapture.

–Or that postage stamp of a country illegally occupying PALESTINE is indeed Israel.

If you believe any of these three, then you are most likely a “Zionist Christian” also known as a “carnal Christian” who is only in it to “feel good” and that’s all that matters to them!

They might as well be on drugs. Karl Marx was right when he declared ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’ for the “carnal Christian,” just like the “Politically Correct” person, only cares about the surface, about “feeling good.”

There are two fates for the Israelite Christian: Either resurrection in the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth or damnation eternally into the prison known as hell.

The fate(s) of the non-Israelite Christian and those who are NOT a party to the Covenants is NOT specified in the scriptures!

The Bible is not a history of the world. The Bible was only written for Israelites, by Israelites and is exclusively for Israelites.
Source: http://fherehab.com/news/former-addict-has-ocala-police-to-thank-for-drug-amnesty-program/

Welcome to my New Blog–Number III

This is my third blog.  The first two are archived for your convenience.  They are searchable.  However, a word of caution is advised.  While some of those postings and videos are timeless and provide significant information, there are many items about which I have learned more and changed my mind.

As my previous blogs enlarged, they tended to load slowly and there was great difficulty updating Plugins.  Also, we took some short cuts getting up my last blog on a budget.  It was effective and solved the problem of s-l-o-w loading at the time but sacrificed some functions, in particular, the ability to upload MP3’s.

Part of the reason for my new blog is to allow me to upload and feature sermons, messages from my pastor.  This is a project undergoing refinement and I am working with others in determining the format and materials.  Nevertheless, the importance of these messages must not be underestimated.  They contain the solutions to the  multitude of problems our nation and the world are facing.

This is serious material and I advise you to download those MP3 files and listen to those messages several times.  Be prepared to be shocked as you learn suppressed truths–Biblical truths which will unlock the larger world puzzles we are facing.

Please bare with me as I learn the new features available in the latest version of WordPress.  I assure my readers, you will be richly rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

As best I am able, I tell the truth.  I am the only one whom you may trust to tell the truth.  Certainly, there are others but I assure you NONE of them are in or with the mainstream media!  We are at the crossroads of humanity.  Our nation, “These United States of America” (sic), is being judged and we are found wanting.  Please join me as we locate brothers and sisters and awaken them.  There is nothing more important than the remnant church.

We are merely one of the great Israelite nations across the planet–our mother Rebekah’s blessings have come to full fruition!  [Genesis 24:60 KJV]

More importantly, there is a war.  And it is not merely “spiritual.”  This is an all-out full-on war that is being fought unconventionally.  Ultimately, only those who fight this war in the spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, will survive the coming cataclysms.