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Passover 2014 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Passover Blood Moon is one of four marking sequential Blood Moons all on the High Holy Days of Israel God ordained in the Old Testament forever and marks the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

The God of Israel has provided US a sign in the sky visible early Tuesday morning at 12:15 AM AZ Time. This is the beginning of the period described in Revelations ‘that if not cut short, all flesh would perish.’ All flesh in this context means all of Adam’s Israelite descendants and the USA contains the LARGEST ISRAELITISH POPULATION on the earth!

This sign, warning and period are FOR These United States of America founded at the end of the period of punishment God ascribed to the House of Israel. Our enemy controls almost everything and wants to destroy US! God is permitting this because we have done the most wicked thing–we have turned our backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

The most wicked thing man can do is deny the existence of the God of Israel.

Early Monday morning look up in the sky over America and see the beginning of the end and the return of the Saviors and the Lord Jesus Christ bearing a new name that only He knows.

The Feast of Passover begins on our April 13, 2014.

The US on the Brink of Destruction (edited, corrected)

The United States sits ever so closely on the brink of destruction as we have an insane man at the helm who has a bunch of insane observers and cheer leaders in Congress and the Senate and THE NEWS MEDIA!  Even the News Media falsely attributes Sarah Palin’s statements when she said nothing remotely close to demanding the US nuke Russia over this!

But, if it keeps up and our leadership goes unchecked, which it will with the prick John Boehner as Speaker of the House and John McCain as our death provocateur abroad, and America refuses to wake up and realize it HAS BEEN MEDDLING IN THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS in the Ukraine and many other countries abroad, there is a good chance in all of this that THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLAR WILL BE DESTROYED!

Now, can you imagine if overnight your currency had merely 25% of its buying power left?  Would that not be humbling or even hobbling the American people?

Could a more effective war be waged against the American people?

The answer is no, a more effective war could not be waged against America!

The problem is all of those in office and those who would be our leaders and masters are certifiably mentally ill.  They are insane.  They are extremely mentally ill!

The solution is for the Israelite descendants in America to wake up, realize who they are, and turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.  Only by repenting and begging the God of Israel can America survive!

This requires loving the truth and justice, in that order.  Abiding by the Ten Commandments as best we can with the help of the Holy Spirit Jesus sent.  And reading our whole Holy Bibles so that we can know the truth and come to terms with an angry God!

The Passing of a Great Man–Navajo Code Talker LEE BEGAY

It brings a tear to my eye to realize that one of the few Navajo Code Talkers from World War II has passed away today, especially when there are so few left alive and he may be the last one of the those heroes from WWII who helped us win the war with such loyalty and trust.

Lee Begay 87 passed away Monday. I was fortunate to have met him several years ago when I served at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital in the Navajo Area when he was much younger and vibrant. I am proud to have shaken his hand and there is no expression of gratitude great enough to properly thank Lee Begay and his brave cohorts from WWII.

It is such a shame. We lost another Navajo Code Talker in September. Nelson Draper, Sr. passed away at 96 years of age.

Every day we lose approximately 2,000 of the Greatest Generation–the veterans of World War II.

The God of Israel is protecting America today specifically because there are survivors from that generation. Once those elders have passed, God has revealed to me that He is going to judge America! And He intends to destroy the United States in order to allow those bastards to take over the world, but that is only going to last for an hour.

Then the God of Israel will bring His son and the real New World Order as the saviors rise to take control of this world for the coming theocracy under Jesus Christ.

The Begay family is very large and I join them in acknowledging their loss, our loss.

Judgement Upon America: Homosexual Marriage and The Second Coming


Jesus himself warns us in Mathew 34:37-38 in his own words that the time of his Second Coming would be like it was in the days of Noah before the Flood.  In Genesis there are two characteristics that stand out as reason for the cause of God destroying the earth with a flood.

There was widespread violence–just as we have today.  And the people had corrupted the institution of marriage.  More specifically, there was intermarriage of the races and hybrids descended from Cain and the angels who left their first estate.  A careful and inspired reading gives one the insight that men were marrying men.  In other words, homosexual marriage was rampant.

And that is where we are in America today.  We are about to force gay marriage upon the people at large and it will happen!

Those who control us (and all of our institutions) behind the scenes are pushing to change the definition of marriage and destroy marriage as a foundational institution of our society.  Do not for a minute believe that any significant semblance of the people want homosexual and lesbian marriage.  In fact, the apposite is true.  Most people do not want to see state sanctioned gay marriage and those polls that show otherwise are all propaganda, created to deceive and skew the results.  Likewise, Hollywood has been busy working overtime programming us to accept both gay marriage and open the flood gates to crimigrants further destroying our country.

We are about to see the completion of the recurrence of the causes of God’s wrath and bring both destruction at large upon America and, hopefully, see the return of Jesus Christ to wage war against those who hate Him!

So, don’t be alarmed.  Scripture will be fulfilled.  And we are going to have Gay Marriage.  Those of the remnant of Israelite Christians know that America is over.  We have crossed the point of no return, the tipping point, in many ways.  America will never rise to greatness again.