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For Sale: Dynavector KARAT 23R Ruby Moving Coil Cartridge

This is an original Ruby Moving Coil Cartridge that has never been used and has zero hours on it. This is not a refurbished stylus but the new one I special ordered from Japan in approximately 1979.

It was mounted one time to test it briefly and assure that it survived shipping around the world. I waited quite a while for this one to arrive.

It is recognized as one of the most revealing phono cartridges in the world and audiophiles agree nothing sounds better unless you exceed $1,200. Which is what you can have this one for. I will include my signet SK305 ELECTRONIC STYLUS CLEANER from the same time period. It is in excellent condition.

Both items are in their original boxes.

If you want to hear the most information you can extract from a vinyl record album, these two are sure to please.

Note, this record cartridge is low output and it requires a pre-preamp or a head amp.