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150,000,000 Americans Lose Health Insurance!

As you know I often break news early or even am the only one reporting on events. Yesterday I saw my personal physician. And it’s mildly embarrassing to admit it but I could not stop laughing when he told me HIS OWN INSURANCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to ObamaCare!

Moreover, as a man in the profession and in the know (an MD), he told me that 54 Million Medical Insurance Policies are going to be cancelled! That’s 54,000,000 MILLION Health Care Policies!

Which equates to health insurance policies being cancelled for approximately 150,000,000 American–an average of three persons are enrolled in each policy!

The loss of coverage for 150 MILLION AMERICANS was requisite for the MARXIST DEMORATS to FORCE THEIR “SINGLE PAYER PROGRAM” expanding the Federal Government to cover every aspect of each American’s life from cradle to grave!

An Open Letter to my Senators Murkowski and Begich

Let me make this clear:  I regard you both as traitors and enemies.

Why?  Because you fail to support the Rule of Law and by failing to enforce our laws, you yourselves have become LAW BREAKERS!

You can’t have it both ways.  Either you are leaders and you support the Rule of Law or you are CRIMINALS!

How?  Your recent replies to my pleas to save our country are fraught with lies.  YOU ARE LIARS!

This Immigration Bill is AMNESTY and you do not fool us.

You are both traitors and if all I have is my cane, even as an old man I will denounce you publicly and throttle your asses for the asinine way you handled yourselves while in power and having authority.

If either of you was attacked publicly and it was in my power to assist and defend you, I would not help.  In fact, I would be hard pressed not to cheer on your aggressor.  Why?  Because by your support for the DESTRUCTION OF THE RULE OF LAW, you are destroying our nation!

Failing to enforce the law, is breaking the law.  And you are each worse than the Crimmigrants who have invaded and occupy us!