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My Opinion about Kanye

My opinion about Kanye doesn’t amount to much. I don’t keep up with music and I do not know the man. I have no professional opinion of Kanye except this:

I think Kanye has been attacked and maligned. Psych has a history of being used against people. First they are ostracized, then maligned and finally pathologized.

So, Kanye appears to be another victim in a very long list of victims of the mental health profession!

My advice to Kanye? Get our of dodge. Pull a geographical. Go to another jurisdiction and lead a good life.

America is NOT a free country any more. America is not safe any more. We are ruled by a Medical Military Industrial Establishment thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and the DEMONcrats who by the way are set upon destroying you.

I’d leave town. I’d get out of the country. I would go to the land of the real free in South America. America is no longer the home of the free and brave.

We are a “banana republic” ruled by COMMUNISTS masquerading as Democrats and Republicans. And should one cross the line too far like more than 85 naturopathic physicians across the last two years, one of the Death Squads roaming the country will kill you?

Best to survive and lead a good life. Walk down another road if you can while you can. For financial check this out https://gadcapital.com/ , Gad Capital is offered a personal loan with lower interest and convenient for borrowing cash.

Fixing the US Healthcare System

“Fixing” healthcare in the US is easy.  It is as easy as stopping all federal government laws, rules & regulations governing any and all aspects of healthcare and, more importantly, recognizing that it was unconstitutional for the federal government when it began to mandate health insurance and placed that requirement upon employers!

Anything this communist central government we call the “federal government” or the “United States government” touches turns to EXCREMENT!  Everything they touch turns bad and is eventually destroyed.

No employer should be required to offer its employees health insurance or medical benefits!  That should be between the employee and the employer, and the government should not interfere in that relationship.

When the government legislated (wrongly) that employers would provide coverage to their employees, THE COSTS OF HEALTH CARE SKY ROCKETTED!  Take the government out of it and watch the costs of health care and medical care come down to reasonable rates and behave in line with the economy.

Moreover, when you go into the hospital, you sign a one-page contract for admission agreeing to abide by the charges and fees of the hospital APPROVED BY THE LOCAL COUNTY GOVERNMENT!  This is wrong and unfair because it takes out any ability of the customer to be fully informed and legitimately enter into a contract for health care services with that hospital!

That blanket approval, that tacit approval of exorbitant charges and fees for services is EXTORTION!  And must end.  If the hospital had to inform the customer of the charges ahead of time, the customer could negotiate or could elect to go elsewhere where fees are more reasonable for services.


The system is only broken because the government has become the strong arm enforcers for exploitive practices we call medical care when we are in fact held hostage by an unforgiving and unfair system that is stacked against the little guy.

Whenever I drive through a city in America, the biggest building complex is that blood sucking local hospital that robs the people of all their wealth and deprives the poor, the widows and the helpless of what little estate they have.  Most of the many homeless across America got there because of the behemoth Medical Industrial Complex that marches lock step in tandem with the Communist Central Federal Government and the local County governments and this has to end.

Let the common man be fully informed of the charges and have the ability to decline this extortion.  Without being fully informed there can be no legal binding contract.