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Congress Restores its Credibility and Place as a Separate Arm of Government: The Bush-Obama War on America!

These are NOT US national security issues when it comes to intervening in the Syrian effort’s at self determination IF the US has NOT been actively and secretely undermining Syrian sovereignty!  In other words, Obama has been sending weapons AND mercenaries into Syria to take down al-Assad’s Presidency for at least two years!

President Obama has been doing this illegally and that is why Benghazi has been covered up!  Benghazi was all about Barack Obama providing arms illegally to “rebels” in Syria!

However, it is in the national security interest of the US to refrain from action that further destroys the American economy.  This is a diffierent kind of war.  This is the:


This had been and continues to be waged to undermine America’s economy and take US down from within!  All that stands between the citizens of America and this sordid subtle indirect destruction of America is the United State’s Congress.

So far, Congress has been doing a wonderful job of denying Obama authority to further undermine American treasure and credibility and American blood by denying President Obama the irresponsible and unconstitutional authority to wage war internationally and illegally.  These are all acts of war that should be considered illegal war crimes.

What the Bushes did to Iraq was illegal, unnecessary and, moreover, NOT in the national security interests of the United States! Had we never gone against Saddam Hussein, our economy today would be robust and strong.

Think about it.

The Congress must continue to refrain from intervention in another nation’s affairs when the interests and national secutiy of the US are placed in obvious direct jeopardy by such foolhardiness and war crimes foisted off on Americans by Presidents who serve interests other than the interests of the citizens of America.