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The NSA and other Federal Agencies Spy on Dr. Kent

The NSA and other federal agencies that are extra-constitutional (meaning they are unconstitutional) continue to record my conversations and I don’t like it.  There is nothing to learn by listening in on my personal conversations; nevertheless, the fact my phone calls are being recorded indicates that I have stumbled onto something or some things the elites do not want us to know about!

Our keepers, our masters do not want me telling people to read and keep reading the Bible.  They do not want the truth to be known about them.

For one, the New Word Order folks also read the Bible; moreover, the evil one uses the Bible as a play book.  They actually play by the rules and follow the outline in the Bible!

For example in Deuteronomy 28 the “curses for disobedience” to the Ten Commandments are laid out.  One of those is that we shall eat the flesh of our children and that is exactly what the evil ones have been doing!


Ever since Roe versus Wade, the Supreme Court decision that foisted off abortion on the States, the evil ones have been shipping fetal tissue to France where has been processed into cosmetics so that our women, especially our wealthy, can put dead infant tissue on their faces!

Fetal tissues from our murdered children in the womb are used in vaccines thereby being injected into our bodies literally changing our own DNA!  And specific tissue has been diverted into our food supply so we are literally EATING THE FLESH OF OUR DEAD CHILDREN!  Case in point, the renal tissue from females is used in flavoring popular soft drinks and millions drink those dead bodies every day!

Notice to the National Security Administration

Get off my phone lines!  There is nothing for you to hear and no reason for you to record my phone conversations unless you want to learn something.

Stop invading my privacy!


My Phone Calls are Being Monitored

It has just come to my attention that the NSA and possibly the FBI is recording my phone calls. It is not that they might be doing it, THEY ARE! I do not give permission for such monitoring and I want it to STOP! Right now.

Our rogue illegal government which in actuality is a foreign jurisdiction, pretends this is legal. Other nations far more truthful and free than ours are maintaining the rights of their citizens and we inside America must stop acting like we are the land of the free and the home of the brave when WE ARE NOT!

Ditching Verizon after Discovering Verizon Opens All Email Upon Behalf of NSA

Recently, a brilliant friend discovered his email was all being opened by one server and it was one of Verizon’s computers.  Verizon is doing this upon behalf of both the NSA spying on US citizens and to promote targeted advertising–neither of which are acceptable.

When my contracts run out this December, that’s it.  And I will never use Verizon again since they are spying upon all of their customers upon behalf of this out-of-control federal government that is loaded to the gills with communists and Marxist extremists.

We can no longer trust Verizon and it has been a mistake to trust any and all of the major cell phone companies.  They have all been doing this spying upon behalf of the federal government all along.  Moreover, all the cell phone companies and larger corporate web service providers have been violating our privacy in order to sell our information to advertising companies from their inception.

If Sheriff Joe can’t profile criminals, then why should cell phone companies be allowed to profile their paying customers?

Reserving Judgement on Edward Snowden

There is no other sensible route than to withhold judgement on Edward Snowden until all the data is in.  In the future, when we recover our nation and our republic, Snowden may be rightfully regarded as a hero.

I am hoping Snowden might reveal exactly how Obama plans to destroy (He may call it “transform.”) America from within.  So far, it appears Obama is following the path modeled by his Communist mentors in history, primarily in Russia, Joseph Stalin.  However, Obama in his posture reminds me of Lenin–his head cocked back defiantly.

Remember (or know) that the “communist revolution” in Russia was a Jewish movement lead from New York City financed by the “banksters” who suckered our Congress into creating the Federal Reserve System.