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This is the only way we can reclaim our freedoms and reclaim America and SAVE THE PLANET!  The Devil owns the Earth and everything and everyone on it, and they are not going to give up ownership and return things to their rightful owners without a fight!

They will, as they have before, destroy the northern hemisphere with Nukes before they give up!

According to Eastern philosophies, these Bastards have destroyed the planet FOUR TIMES WITH NUCLEAR BOMBS and according to Western wisdom, those Bastards have destroyed the face of the earth at least SIX TIMES!

Their god is Shiva and Kali, DESTROYER OF UNIVERSES!

What do you think Cern is about?

Why do you think it is so important for them to deny us past history?

Because we will discover who the fuck they are and what they are about!  More importantly, we might discover who we are and take back the Earth and rule it as Our Father Yahweh the Creator mandates!

The Earth groans for her saviors!

Yes, that is PLURAL!

Nuclear War Inevitable as Criminal Zionist US Government is Crossing the Rubicon!


Our FBI and CIA were complicit with aiding and abetting criminals take over our nation! Watch this 39:22 video and learn. The US is on the verge of nuclear war with Israel against Iran and other nations. The US-Zionist alliance is the fundamental engine driving all of this activity. These people are threatening the lives of everyone on the planet!

“Regardless who did it, we can know that more than a few had advanced warning. The trading and the option market makes that clear.”  –Max Keiser

Read about the immanent war in the Major and Minor Prophets in Jeremiah 49:23-33, Zephaniah, Zechariah, and other locations throughout the Bible.


“Crossing the Rubicon” (2004) by Michael C. Ruppert and Catherine Austin Fitts.


“Insider Trading: The Facts Laid Bare” by Lars Schall


“Detecting Informed Trading Activities in Market Options” by Professor Marc Chesney, University of Zurich.


“Terror Trading 9/11” by Michael Leitner

Here we finally hear the truth about 9/11!