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Coming Civil War in America

If Hillary puts her hand on the Bible, the Civil War is on!

Once she takes the oath of office and lies about that, then you know the final Civil War that George Washington saw in his visions is on!

Whether or not Washington’s dreams as reported are true or false, that Civil War will happened until the Book of Obadiah in the Bible, all 21 verses of it are fulfilled.  READ THE BIBLE!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a SOCIOPATH and the elite and their international bankers are a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE!

Read Martha Stout’s (2006) book entitled “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand that these are evil people with purely malevolent intent who enjoy damaging others!

Under John Boehner the Republican Party is Committing Suicide!

The Republican Party is squandering any chance it has to take the Senate and ever get another President elected by Speaker of the House John Boehner’s secret negotiations on Amnesty and more free trade.  What more be said?

This is what needs be said:

Of all the US Senators which one would you kill?

That’s right.  To stop this destruction of our country, which Senator would you off?

As for me, I only think two are worth allowing to live: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  Even those need to be investigated and possibly tried for High Treason.  What is their treason?  Failing to defend the Constitution and failure to uphold their oath of office!

Now, am I going to kill anyone?  Do I advocate you kill anyone?  Heck no!  Not only is premature murder against the law but it is against God’s law–the Ten Commandments.

As far as which Congressmen to allow to live, I think all of them are guilty of violating their oaths of office by failing to declare publically that Obama is an illegal alien NOT qualified to be President.  All are guilty of this DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!

If John Boehner loves his country, if the current Speaker of the House loves America, he would resign right now and hand the gavel over to a real Republican, a true conservative.

Truckers: Save America from Obama!

Truckers of America:

There is only one way to say America.  And you can do it.  SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING and force President Barack Obama out of office!

The Congress will not do their job and the Senate certainly never will take their fellow Democrat-COMMUNIST out of office.  But the fact is UNLESS WE GET THIS BEAST OUT OF OFFICE, AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED!

I suggest that a full and complete 10 day shut down of all transportation will get the attention of everyone and let our OUT OF CONTROL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT know that we aren’t going to take it and we can FIRE THEM!

Don’t talk about it–just stop hauling anything and after the food is off the store shelves and folks have eaten what they have in the pantry, then they will realize what a real shut down looks like and we can GET BARACK OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!

That Bastard never belonged there in the first place.  Obama needs to be taken into custody and thoroughly investigated and EVERYTHING MADE PUBLIC AND “TRANSPARENT!”

If we need to arrest the entire Congress and Senate for failing to uphold their oaths of office, let’s do it and do it now!