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More Amazon Head Fake (Lies)

Last time was the first time I bought the red hardback KJV of the Apocrypha and it was merely $7.22.  That was last year.  Now with “free shipping” the price has been jacked up to $11.29!

Do as I do.  I am NOT going to buy anything I do not absolutely have to have until AFTER this Christmas season shopping is over.  I expect prices to drop and prices indeed may fall significantly as our economy crashes.

America’s Latest Distraction While the Bastards DESTROY the United States

Look and observe carefully what the New World Order’s Mainstream Media is distracting you with. A mere prison escape!

While the New World Order’s hired heads in the United State’s Legislature are selling America out! Our Republican Senators are giving their bosses, the New World Order, America on a silver platter!

The big deal is hardly mentioned in the news: The Transpacific Trade Agreement to forever make America a Welfare State with a strictly planned Communist Economy!

Welcome to your new prison!

America is going down.

God has judged and God is using the New World Order to DESTROY AMERICA!