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150,000,000 Americans Lose Health Insurance!

As you know I often break news early or even am the only one reporting on events. Yesterday I saw my personal physician. And it’s mildly embarrassing to admit it but I could not stop laughing when he told me HIS OWN INSURANCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to ObamaCare!

Moreover, as a man in the profession and in the know (an MD), he told me that 54 Million Medical Insurance Policies are going to be cancelled! That’s 54,000,000 MILLION Health Care Policies!

Which equates to health insurance policies being cancelled for approximately 150,000,000 American–an average of three persons are enrolled in each policy!

The loss of coverage for 150 MILLION AMERICANS was requisite for the MARXIST DEMORATS to FORCE THEIR “SINGLE PAYER PROGRAM” expanding the Federal Government to cover every aspect of each American’s life from cradle to grave!

Five Years from Now You are Going to Wish you had Started Shooting all Senators and Congressmen NOW!

Five (5) years from you are going to wish you would have started shooting and killing all of our Senators and Congressmen and women now. Today. Why? Because you have that opportunity today but within five years the country will be in such terrible shape that you will wish for these days and the opportunities, all be those few, you have to take action to stop the mercenary looting of America.

There is so much being withheld from the people that heads will be swimming for years trying to keep up with all the lies and sort out the deceptions. But the problem (and the cure) does not lay with our legislators–it lays with the people, the common man.

By refusing to seek the truth and embrace the truth, we deceive ourselves and make ourselves more vulnerable to their lies. So, when we finally have had enough suffering, and that will come when food and water are scarce, then we might ask what have we missed? How did we let this get away from us?

It’s really very simple. We took the easy way out. We believed our leaders rather than relying upon data and facts. Instead of investigating crimes, we let “our keepers” dictate falsehoods to us and we swallowed those wholesale.

Until we are a people who love the truth and seek truth, there is no hope for us. Some time in 1994 the people of the USA changed and rather than say ‘Tell us the truth. We don’t care what it is. We will deal with it. We can handle it.’ Sometime during the Clinton Administration we became the “people of the lie.”

We changed and demanded that the news only tell us “smooth things,” things we wanted to hear. We no longer wanted to hear terrible news.

At the same time, our government expanded courtesy of the Clintons to larger than the industries it was (over) regulating. When there are more people in the federal government regulating an industry, in this case banking, than there are employed in that industry, the federal government is too big.

The federal government is so big, it has become unmanageable. The reason our Congress and Senate can not pass a budget is because the budget can not be managed. It is too large and expanding too fast to get a handle on it. Certainly, we’d be better to cut and slash huge parts of this unduly federal government that harbors socialists and communists and those who want to destroy our nation.

So, you will barely remember my words as you struggle to find food and water. And you can forget about ammunition and any semblance of justice because there will be none.

An Open Letter to Senators and Congressmen

We  know who you are but you don’t know who we are.  There are too many of us for your to know.

I write for the common man and woman.  Certainly, I am identifying myself to you.

This is how we feel, what we think and what we know:

YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS!  YOU HAVE BETRAYED US AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET the way you wielded power and sold us out for your own gain.  Enjoy your power while you may.  You will never enjoy a normal life.  One of anonymity and privacy while out in public.  Moreover, expect the public to harass you and perhaps even attack you.

Why?  Because of the way you have managed our nation, we are in a steep decline and we know we shall never rise out of this mess you have created unless we get rid of you and replace you with Constitutional legislators.

People are fast learning the differences between what you claim is your authority and our government, a series of several shells, corporate versions of these United States of America, and the real Constitutional Republic which we started as.  We are know the differences by the theft you perpetrate upon us and allow others to predate upon us.  We are learning the differences and the day is coming soon when you will called into account for your mismanagement and betrayal of we, the American people.

Don’t dare show your faces in public after trying to foist off this Immigration AMNESTY Bill bunch of lies!

The day is coming soon in which we are going to hunt you down and you will be tried for your duplicity and many crimes!