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Pray for this Coming Stock Market Crash

This coming seven year stock market correction is becoming absolutely necessary to save the US economy.  Without this stock market correction and disappearance of all of that wealth (It is not real anyway.), there is a very good chance that on

October 20th

the US dollar may no longer be the world’s reserve currency.  This means all of that inflation which America has been exporting will come home to roost absolutely destroying the economy of the United States and destroying America!

Stock Market Correction

The next stock market crash, which will be a good thing for the little guy like you and me and may save the US dollar, between my friends calculation and a minor check on my part, appears to be scheduled for

Monday September 14th

If this coming stock market devaluation occurs, I will tell you how this date was determined.  And, yes, the enemy is setting these up in advance.  I got word of this yesterday.