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The US on the Brink of Destruction (edited, corrected)

The United States sits ever so closely on the brink of destruction as we have an insane man at the helm who has a bunch of insane observers and cheer leaders in Congress and the Senate and THE NEWS MEDIA!  Even the News Media falsely attributes Sarah Palin’s statements when she said nothing remotely close to demanding the US nuke Russia over this!

But, if it keeps up and our leadership goes unchecked, which it will with the prick John Boehner as Speaker of the House and John McCain as our death provocateur abroad, and America refuses to wake up and realize it HAS BEEN MEDDLING IN THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS in the Ukraine and many other countries abroad, there is a good chance in all of this that THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLAR WILL BE DESTROYED!

Now, can you imagine if overnight your currency had merely 25% of its buying power left?  Would that not be humbling or even hobbling the American people?

Could a more effective war be waged against the American people?

The answer is no, a more effective war could not be waged against America!

The problem is all of those in office and those who would be our leaders and masters are certifiably mentally ill.  They are insane.  They are extremely mentally ill!

The solution is for the Israelite descendants in America to wake up, realize who they are, and turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.  Only by repenting and begging the God of Israel can America survive!

This requires loving the truth and justice, in that order.  Abiding by the Ten Commandments as best we can with the help of the Holy Spirit Jesus sent.  And reading our whole Holy Bibles so that we can know the truth and come to terms with an angry God!

The Battle Must be Spiritual

For some time I have been wanting to post this and EMPAHASIZE THE FUTILITY OF VIOLENCE! There can be No Violent Revolution. Why? Because the Bastards that occupy and control America Illegally are in total power. They have all authority except over the individual consciousness and will. They not only control law enforcement and the courts, they also control our Weapons of Mass Destruction! That’s right. They control the nukes and our ICBM’s, EVERYTHING!

Moreover, they want US to fight. Their news media are manipulating US to hate and to rebel–that puts US right where they want US!

The only fight can be Spiritual with the Holy Spirit of the God of Israel. That’s all that will work. Even at that we know from the scriptures that those Bastards will succeed in establishing a World Wide Government. However, the Bible also tells US it will not last long, only about an hour.

We must humble ourselves to our Lord and God. We must strengthen our personal relationships with Jesus on an individual one-to-one basis. Nothing short of this will work.

Don’t shoot! Don’t rebel! Submit to the authority God has placed over you. There is no other way to survive and that is what this is all coming down to.

Hold until Jesus returns. It will not be long. This is the time of Jacob’s Trouble and all flesh will perish except God will cut this time short. Then the enemy and the victory are His!

Obama and his Nukes!

Obama recently ordered and had our nuclear warheads moved from their locations in the mid-west and west to South Carolina.  Why?  Nobody knows.

I suspect Obama is doing all he can to compromise America’s readiness and make US vulnerable to a first strike attack by a foreign enemy.  Or Obama might have something else planned like setting one of those off in order to remain in power, in order to remain in office.

Whatever it is, it is diabolical.

Now, we hear that Obama has relieved the Air Force General who was in charge of all American nukes of command.  Moreover, the media for this administration has gone out of their way to declare that America’s nuclear arsenal is “secure.”

Bovine excrement!  One thing I have learned is that the very truth is apposite of what this lap dog media claims.

We should all be afraid.

America is not prepared to defend against an attack.

Our “eggs” so to speak are all in one basket and South Carolina has become the number one zone in America to strike, to strike first and to strike hard.

Right now the rest of the world hates US.  Actually, they hate our government and like our people.  Those outside our country know the real news better than we inside.  Our news is completely controlled propaganda.  Every bit of it!

And the world wants the US to be stopped from waging these trumped up wars across the planet and wants Obama to stop droning them with cruise missiles.  In short, the world is ready to see America destroyed in order for there to be peace in the world.

And America is about to be destroyed.

We deserve it for not minding our own business, for supporting dictators against the will of the people across the entire face of the earth.  For supporting world communism under the guise of spreading democracy when we are pretending to be a republic.

Since we have failed to investigate crimes and failed to bring the perpetrators to justice, the LORD is going to step in and do it for US with a very heavy hand.  America is about to have her horn shattered.  America is going to be stripped of its power.

Until we return to the God of Israel (and not the anti-Christ churches that predominate the land and lie to everyone) things are going to get worse, much worse, beyond your wildest imaginations.

Observe carefully Barack Hussein Obama and maybe you will see what I see.  I see a man who is desperate and a desperate  man will do anything to stay in power.  Beware America, the enemy is within and Obama intends to destroy America just like his masters have ordered him to do.

The solution is all in the Bible.  The entire Bible and not merely the New Testament as the churches of the anti-Christ proclaim.  Read it.  It is our only hope.