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How Do We Protect Ourselves from Future Attacks?

This is very simple.  We stop allowing all third world immigration, especially from Muslim countries.  We stop worshipping the false god of “diversity” and recognize that the false Jews (Rev 2:9, 3:9) gave US this errant policy designed to destroy US from within.

We cease all Affirmative Action.  We call a stop to all forced integration.  We stop all preferential treatment based upon race and so-called minority status.  We rescind all so-called “Hate Crime” legislation and truly make all people equal under the law.

We end all this “protected class” status which really is reverse discrimination and stop all this weird immigration from non-European and non-Caucasian peoples.  We need to seal the  borders, make it a felony to be in our country illegally and start sorting people out for prosecution, deportation and a very few select routes to earning citizenship such as six years of service in our military.

We deport all persons who are Muslim who have been granted asylum.  We can not afford to be generous with our security in the name of some nonsense “white guilt.”  We need to recognize the advantages of a homogenized society.