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Never Forget THE BIG LIE




When the fact is 271 THOUSAND JEWS died in the Concentration Camps towards the end of World War II according to American Red Cross records.

That is still a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE but theirs is a SOCIOPATHIC culture of Con Artists and liars and deceivers!  Before the start of WWII there were just under 2 MILLION JEWS WORLD WIDE and after WWII there were just over 2 MILLION JEWS alive WORLD WIDE.

Recently, that 6 MILLION figure has become 6 and 1/2 MILLION across the USA at college campus presentations, but it is all a BIG LIE!

That 6 MILLION figure came from the number of jobs Adolf Hitler restored in his great economic recovery for Germany and the Zionist Jews wanted to counter Hilter’s success.

Moreover, at the close of World War I they tried to make the same (false) claim that 6 MILLION JEWS had died and they started the League of Nations, but neither the lie nor their world controller would stick.  After WWII the Zionist Jews made the same false allegation of 6 MILLION JEWS and their United Nations is a plague upon the earth today!

Don’t be fooled, theirs is a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE and they are referred to as “Edomites” in the Old Testament.  Read the Bible, especially the Book of Obadiah.

No Free Speech In America

There is no free speech in America and hasn’t been any for years, decades! Because there has been no free speech, there has been no conscience and no free will of the people!  It has all been controlled, tightly controlled for decades!

The CIA is the world’s biggest publisher. They just don’t tell you.  They keep it secret.

The CIA has had their hands in every major publication in America since at least 1950.  The CIA has been in all the major magazines and in many novels planting ideas to undermine American culture since their inception at the end of World War II.

At the end of World War II there was a picture on the cover of Life magazine of piles of bones claiming those were the bones of Jews in the concentration camps. NO, there weren’t!

Those bones were the fire bombing victims from Dresden. Army Intelligence ordered an officer to collect those bones and transport them by rail road on flat bed cars to the so-called Concentration Camp!  There that Army soldier was ordered to kneel and have his photo taken.

He never knew it was going to be on the cover of Life magazine!  When he saw it, he demanded a correction be issued on his photo but there was none forthcoming. So, he resigned his commission with the US Army and returned to work in the factories back home in Elkhart, Indiana.

The Passing of a Great Man–Navajo Code Talker LEE BEGAY

It brings a tear to my eye to realize that one of the few Navajo Code Talkers from World War II has passed away today, especially when there are so few left alive and he may be the last one of the those heroes from WWII who helped us win the war with such loyalty and trust.

Lee Begay 87 passed away Monday. I was fortunate to have met him several years ago when I served at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital in the Navajo Area when he was much younger and vibrant. I am proud to have shaken his hand and there is no expression of gratitude great enough to properly thank Lee Begay and his brave cohorts from WWII.

It is such a shame. We lost another Navajo Code Talker in September. Nelson Draper, Sr. passed away at 96 years of age.

Every day we lose approximately 2,000 of the Greatest Generation–the veterans of World War II.

The God of Israel is protecting America today specifically because there are survivors from that generation. Once those elders have passed, God has revealed to me that He is going to judge America! And He intends to destroy the United States in order to allow those bastards to take over the world, but that is only going to last for an hour.

Then the God of Israel will bring His son and the real New World Order as the saviors rise to take control of this world for the coming theocracy under Jesus Christ.

The Begay family is very large and I join them in acknowledging their loss, our loss.