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An Open Letter to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

August 28, 2018


Dear Governor Doug Ducey:

My mission in addressing the Governor of Arizona is to save our nation. You stand professionally and personally at the cross roads of your life: Either to be remembered as the great statesman who restored our Republic and saved his country or as an ordinary politician who lapses into obscurity.

I address the Honorable Governor upon behalf of my Creator Father God Yahweh (YHVH). You do not know Him, but He knows you. You are in a position to appoint a Senator in a manner to restore our once great Republic under YHVH God.

If I walk into court and try to defend myself by claiming my Constitutional rights have been violated, the judge might respond, “So, you are a party to the Constitution?” Of course I wasn’t even alive at the time our Founders representing their States signed our Constitution.

The fact is the parties to our Constitution are no longer represented. I urge you to appoint a Senator upon the condition that Arizona’s new Senator will commit to repealing the 17th Amendment. It was the 17th Amendment which allowed for the direct election of Senators which effectively destroyed our Constitutional form of government and our Republic.

Actually, I urge you to take it one step further: You need to propose that each State will be responsible for paying for their own Senators’ salaries and benefits as each State deems fit.

Senators represent their State’s governments and when they fail to vote as their State government directs, then they are subject to instant recall; thereupon, they finish their term in the seat to which they were elected in their State legislature.

In 2010 Jim Deakin was a candidate who understood the Constitution and the need to return to self-rule. I beseech the Governor to appoint such a man committed to the original principles and structure given us by our founders. Feel free to call me if I might provide you any additional information.

Allow our Creator Father Yahweh to guide your decisions and to bless you, the great State of Arizona and restore our Republic saving these United States of America!


Dr. Kent


There will be NO Republic until the States are represented.

If you walk into a courtroom and tell the judge that their law infringes upon your Constitutional rights, the judge will ask you, “Were you a party to the Constitution?”

Certainly, none of us alive today signed it but our representatives through the States signed it. Then the 17th Amendment abolished our States representation. Hence, THERE IS NO REPUBLIC IN AMERICA since the day Senators were elected directly by the people and ceased being elected by and from their State’s legislators!

What we created was some kind of Super Congressman and, in my honest opinion, a far more evil, more diabolical and super crooked politician!

States no longer have representation, and States can no longer control their Senators and States can no longer recall their Senators!


Prior to the 17th Amendment Congress was not paid.  Certainly not a salary & benefits but merely a modest per diem.  Congressmen were expected to give their time freely to serve their country and they were not to become politicians for life!  There was no need for term limits.

Prior to the 17th Amendment Senators were not directly elected by the people but were elected by the people to seats in their State’s legislatures, in either their State’s Senate or their State’s Congress or House of Representatives.

If the State’s Senator failed to vote they was their State wanted them to vote on any matter, then they were subject to instant recall.  They would come home and finish the term in the seat to which they had been elected.



But it is time to take this one step further:

Cease all Federal pay & benefits for Senators. Require States to pay any and all of the salaries & benefits they deem appropriate for their own Senators!